2-year-old Cream Miniata plants from $8 each + postage + postage .

Wide range available in quantity from Jul-2016.

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2018 plants available from 20+ years clivia collecting and breeding

Varieties include: Real Red, Best Red, Cream (3 varieties), Green Girl, Nakamura Green,  Nakamura Yellow, Tango, Victoria Peach, Judy Apricot, Multi-Petal, Marigold Yellow and Carnival Peach. 

ORDER NOW!! Limited Quantities - Available $10 each or $8ea for a 12-piece set, plus delivery. Offsets available from $25. 

Nakamura Yellow

Lovely clivia varieties from our garden

 Here are just a sample of the clivia varieties available in our garden:
  1. Top left = 'Doris'
  2. Top right = 'Nakamura Apple blossom' (slight pink)
  3. Centre left = 'Medium Red'
  4. Centre right = 'Nakamura Green' (Multi petal)
  5. Bottom = 'Tango' (now available. Inquire about our special offer)      
Enquire now for these smaller plants - we are offering a set of 12 @ $8.00 each, plus postage.
Tel: (61-2) 43696769.

Latest photos from our garden

Here are the latest photos from the garden

    Tango                                                                 Nakamura Green (Multi-Petal-10)

     Carnival Peach                                                One of our REDS    

The 'Tango Cross' variety of clivia

Here is a photo of the 'Tango Cross' variety of clivia taken by my grandson. He was recently gifted a camera by his uncle, and he hasn't wasted any time bringing us some photos.

Clivias For Sale

Special offer to clivia devotees

Save money! Grow your own clivias and increase your colour range.

Small plants in 25 different colours. 

Varieties range from Cream, Yellow, Apricot, Peach, Green, Bronze, Red, Dark Red.

Prices from $6 to 8/each (depending on variety and volume), plus delivery
Tel: (61-2) 43696769

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