2021 Graham's "Special bundle"
Small plants (1-2yo) available!
Normally $12ea - reduced to $8ea for 12 plants plus postage
Some Multi-petal varieties available. !

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Tel: (61-2) 43696769
Central Coast NSW Australia
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NSW Lockdown specials

Well, with all of New South Wales in lockdown now, there seems little possibility of people visiting our premises for some time now. No problem! We can still take mail orders. This will however limit sales to 2-year old plants and seedlings. 

If you are interested, please inquire about:

1. Graham's Mixed Bundles of 12 x 2-year-old plants at $A96.00 (including postage).

2. Smaller lots at $A8.00 per plant. Ask about postage. 

3. We also have some plants that are already flowering.

With people in lockdown, there couldn't be a better Spring time opportunity to do some gardening!

Please CALL 61-2-43696769 to place your order.  

Clivias in colour - Garden Show 2020

 Here is an assembly of our favourite clivias in preparation for our '2020 Garden Show' this weekend.

New clivia varieties in bloom - 2020 "Citrina" and "Apricot"

 Parts of Australia might still be in 'lockdown'  with Covid-19, but irrespective, what a great opportunity to refurbish the garden. For those in the mood, we have 2 new varieties to add to your garden. In order of appearance, we have:

1. Apricot - new this season

2. Citrina - new this season

3. Nakamura Yellow - from last season


The latest 2018-19 offerings

Among the available plants are the following varieties:

1. NAKAMURA Variagated  Peach - note the stripes on the leaves

2. JUDY Apricot

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