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Q&A: Caring for your clivias

A reader asks:
"I have Clivias growing along the side of my house and are about to replace the shade cloth along this area. I live on the New England Tablelands of NSW. At the moment, there is a 70% black shade cloth covering this area. Though they are flowering nicely they have brown tips on their leafy foliage. The house on this side faces North-East. The Clivias are planted next to fence in a retainer wall about 50cm wide and 50cm high. From fence to house its approximately 1.5 meters. We do encounter light to moderate frosts and harsh hot dry summers".
Their questions are:
1. Would it be better to replace the shade cloth to 90% and change to a cream colour to give more light?
2. I have also noticed that they look over crowded and thought this would be a good opportunity to divide the Clivias to give them many more years of growing room. Would this benefit them? If so what is the best way to do this?

It sounds like you have ta ken enough precautions to protect your plants. Clivias are tough, however there are a few things that they don`t like:
1. Wet feet or badly drained soil
2. Too much sun (low sunlight is tolerated) or frost
3. Over crowding. It's better to thin them out. Perhaps replanting offcuts or giving them away to friends & family. Its best to simply cut them with off with a spade. Ensure that each division has some rhizome (roots) still attached
4. Try to add different varieties with different colours, as it will create a more spectacular looking garden

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