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Caring for Clivias

Plant in a healthy garden soil with humus (leaf-mold, peat, etc.). A soilless mixture is a good medium. Fertilize 2x a month during the growing period.

Water occasionally (in small amounts) during spring without allowing the leaves to wilt, keep at a cool 50 degrees and do not feed. In spring, when the growth starts, return to more light, place in humid location.

During the growing season water more, then allow the soil to approach dryness between waterings. Clivia grows best when in pots, in light shade and when it has had cooler (50 degree night-time temperature) winter temperatures.

Avoid drying completely during the resting period and do not cut off the foliage.

Re-pot every 4-5 years and allow the plant to become rooted on the pot.

If interested in growing clivias, please contact us at valuesourcer@gmail.com

We have a lovely clivia garden in central coast, NSW.

Orders for seedlings are sent with instructions on how to plant and care for your plants.

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