2-year-old Cream Miniata plants from $8 each + postage + postage .

Wide range available in quantity from Jul-2016.

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Why are Clivia`s so popular?

Clivias have always been a popular plant species. The plant originates from southern Africa, so they are well-suited to the Australian climate which has a similar latitude and rainfall. The reasons for the popularity are:
1. An increasing range of varieties - these have mostly been developed over the last 20 years in Belgium, USA, South Africa, Australia, China and Japan.
2. Hardy plant - Clivias will grow in a variety of conditions. They will cope with any climate change as well. They are reasonably drought-tolerant for a succulent plant variety.
3. They have a variety of flower colours
4. They have a well-shaped flower and they grow a number of flowers
5. They have succulent green leaves giving good colour to even drought-stricken gardens
6. Easy managed and propagated plants

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